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Energy Saving Through C-PACE

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The Connecticut Green Bank and Middlesex Chamber are collaborating to make financing for green energy more accessible and affordable to Middlesex businesses.

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The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce is Helping Local Businesses Take Control of Energy Costs

We know that high energy costs can create a significant financial burden for our local companies so we’ve partnered with the Connecticut Green Bank to promote an innovative way to help members save energy and lower operating costs.

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) can help you make important clean energy upgrades in your businesses (and help save you money). C-PACE financing can cover 100% of your project costs with no money down and is able to generate positive cash flow.

Green energy grows your business. Lower energy costs and increase your bottom line by taking advantage of custom-tailored 100% financing for green energy projects. C-PACE lets you go deeper than ever before, allowing you to develop comprehensive projects that will make a big difference when it comes to operating and improving your business. Bundling several energy measures can lead to even greater savings, and help you build an even better business.

Invest with confidence. Projects are developed so that energy savings exceed the cost of financing. Our robust technical underwriting generates credible and trustworthy projections of energy savings, letting you plan for the future. With C-PACE, no upfront capital is required and by repaying your green energy investment over up to 25 years, you can realize immediate positive cash flow. Payments are made through an assessment on your property tax bill and can be transferred to a new owner if you sell your building.

C-PACE makes all types of green energy accessible and affordable. Whether you want to add solar panels or upgrade lighting, heating and cooling, insulation, motors, or pumps, you can use C-PACE to meet your energy needs and increase your building’s value. Any permanently affixed measure that lowers energy consumption or produces clean energy is eligible and nearly any property type — commercial, industrial, office, retail, agricultural, nonprofit or multifamily — can benefit from C-PACE.

A healthier building means a healthier business. C-PACE creates an opportunity for you to make a positive change and take charge of your energy costs.

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