A Middlesex Chamber membership benefit includes publicity about the opening, re-opening or special anniversary celebrations that you plan!  We offer the following opportunities to assist you with your event and publicity:

Contact Mike Fallon at Middlesex Chamber to set a date and time for your event!  Our schedules fill up quickly, so it is important to contact Mike as soon as you have a general idea when you want to have your celebration!  He can be reached at 860-347-6924 or [email protected]

We provide BIG red scissors for the Ribbon-Cutting and blue or red ribbon (you choose) or you can provide the ribbon of your choice.

We also provide a Banner, which can be used for two weeks, to display outside the business that states “Grand Opening, Proud Member of Middlesex Chamber”.  The banner is 6’ long, 3’ wide and the colors are blue, red & black on a white background.  There is also an A-frame Grand Opening sign available for photo opportunities on sidewalks or in front of businesses.

Mailing labels for members in your area / town can also be provided.  There is normally a fee for mailing labels, however we offer these for free for the listed events above, so you can send invitations to members to attend your celebration.  The real benefit of this is getting your information to the members about your business, so it’s important to consider the invitation as a marketing opportunity and list business hours, services provided, location, etc.

Larry McHugh, Chamber President, has a column in the Middletown Press on Mondays and he mentions Grand Openings he will be attending and afterward, he talks about the Grand Opening and the business!  On Tuesdays, we email to all members, The Chamber Bulletin, and the first item every week is Larry’s column from the newspaper.  So there is a lot of recognition through these venues!

Mike Fallon, Public Relations Director, at the Chamber, will attend the Grand Opening and take pictures, which will be submitted to the local news media and it is up to each newspaper if they will print it.  The Middletown Press usually prints it with Larry’s weekly column or at another time.  Grand Openings are also posted on Middlesex Chamber’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Grand Opening pictures are posted on the Chamber’s website under “Chamber News” and there is a link in the Chamber Bulletin every week for the pictures, so members can view the event!

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