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Recovery Employment Program

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The Recovery Employment Program (REP) helps those in recovery rebuild lives that have been torn and ripped apart due to addiction.

Many don’t see a way out, or no hope. But with the REP, there is. We offer employment to many who even see themselves as unemployable. Why? Many have the proper skills sets, but are lacking self esteem due their past addiction. However, the Recovery Employment Program reasserts confidence in the job applicant’s abilities and in themselves as they gain employment. We offer job coaching as well as counsel. This is not just a job placement program, but it is a life skill program that will help people in recovery with the life skills they need through the coaching aspect of the program.

The Recovery Employment Program, is a program with opportunities.

This program will serve the community of those who are in recovery and putting their lives back together. Together as a community we can help them take the necessary steps on their road.

Recovery is never an easy process, but with the help of local businesses, we will not only make a difference in their lives, but our communities as well. We can make a difference. The difference is made by one walking out their recovery one day, and going to work every day.

You provide opportunities to a better life, a life of stability filled with confidence one needs to move forward. As you offer employment, your company will benefit from someone hard working and who is striving to do the next right thing.

Will you be the next company to help change a life?

Do you know someone who has been struggling during their journey to recovery and is in need of some help to get their lives back on track? If so, the Recovery Employment Program is for you. The program is designed to work with individuals who are currently working through recovery and assists them with job training and placement. A job coach is also provided to help guide them through this process.


This is your chance to find your career with a helping hand!

Program funding provided by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. (DMHAS)

Interested in becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace? Check out the videos below for more information!

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Recorded Webinars
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A HUGE THANKS to the following companies, agencies and programs

that participate in the Recovery Employment Program:

All Points Care
Athenian Diner
Best Buy
Big Lots
Bishop's Auto Parts
Bull Metal Products
Courtney's Cleaning
CT Rental Company
Durham Manufacturing
Esca's Restaurant
Five Guys
Help Desk Services
Hobson and Motzer Inc
Home Makers and Companions
Indian Springs Golf Club
Kronenberger & Sons Restoration
L-Train Electric, LLC
Middlesex Health
Napa Auto Parts
Perma Treat
Pete's Cleaning
Plastic Design
Plastic Design International
Quarry Ridge Golf Club
Safe Home Security
Scotch Plain Tavern
Sicily Coal Fire Pizza
Sysco of Rocky Hill
The Connection
Val-U-Land Services