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mews logo october 2021

The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce recently opened the Middletown Entrepreneurs Work Space (MEWS+) in Middletown, CT. The co-working initiative is designed for startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the Wesleyan University community.

The focus is to create a space for entrepreneurs to collaborate and turn ideas into businesses; encourage communication between public, private, and institutional organizations; and develop an innovative partnership of entrepreneurs and professional resources to bolster economic growth in Middlesex County.

To truly develop this concept, we needed a dedicated work space for the entrepreneur community to call home. We converted the second floor of the chamber’s Main Street facility into a fully functioning co-working space that is centrally located, accessible through public transportation, and within walking distance to key community stakeholders such as Wesleyan, City Hall, the Hospital, the riverfront, and more.

We decided to call it the Middletown Entrepreneurs Work Space, or the MEWS+ for short.

The “+” is for all of the related innovation content which we hope will draw in all types of local entrepreneurs and businesses.

The MEWS+ is more than a workspace, it is an innovation eco system. For more information, please visit

A special thank you to our partners:


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