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The Middletown Worker Preparation Program has been a valuable asset to the Middletown community since 1991. The primary mission of the program is to help unemployed and displaced workers in the City of the Middletown find employment.

The program’s goal has always been to put the people of Middletown in the best possible position to secure employment and earn wages that will allow them to provide for their family and contribute to the fabric of the Middletown community. We like to describe our role as being a “bridge between job seekers and employers.” As a business organization, the chamber has strong links to a wide range of employers in Middletown and the Greater-Middletown area. One of the chamber’s main functions is to help our members as they seek to hire quality employees.

Before beginning the job search, chamber staff members help clients create effective resumes and prepare for job interviews while providing job coaching and employment retention training. chamber staff maintains consistent contact with both clients and employers to foster the best possible environment for not only placement into employment, but long-term security in the job.

The Middlesex Chamber Worker Preparation Team will recruit job seeking clients who fit in into the guidelines set by the Community Development Block Grant, the City of Middletown Common Council, and the Citizens Advisory Committee.  Chamber staff will assess the client’s readiness for employment, assist in the development of a presentable resume, and conduct follow-up interviews to gauge the client’s progress. Client meetings will take place at the centrally-located Chamber of Commerce building, and the job search will occur throughout Middlesex County with an emphasis on Middletown.

The Middletown Worker Preparation Program is a critical program that continues to be a bridge between job seekers and employers.

Any questions or concerns regarding the Middletown Worker Preparation Program can be directed to Lorenzo Marshall at 860-347-6924 or

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