The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce is taking the lead in trying to make our business community, and in turn our regional economy, as resilient as possible in the face of any threats that may face us, whether they be weather related, cyber related or otherwise. We are encouraging our member businesses to develop emergency preparedness and business continuity plans, we are reaching out to local economic development coordinators and other key officials in our region to make sure they are aware of the initiative, we are creating a leadership team that will focus on this issue and will spread the word to the business community about the many helpful resources that are available to them, and finally, we are practicing what we preach and have developed an emergency plan for our facility and our organization. This plan can serve as a template for small businesses in Middlesex County as they begin to set an emergency management strategy.

The Economic Resilience Initiative is a result of a statewide partnership between the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), The Connecticut Small Business Development Center, UCONN School of Business, Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development, and Connecticut’s metro chambers of commerce.

Important information located within this tab includes the definition of community economic resilience, including the primary goal of protecting local jobs and the local tax base, and promoting increased employer and employee awareness of natural and man-made hazards. The tab also includes information on the state of Connecticut emergency management regions and the significant hazards and areas of concern for those particular regions. The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce service area is split up into Region 2 and Region 3.

The tab also includes important information on available resources and critical elements of an emergency preparedness and recovery plan.

Available Resources:

Community leaders, public safety organizations (e.g., police, fire and emergency medical services), government agencies, utility companies and other public service agencies can provide a wealth of information and assistance to help you recover quickly from a disaster.

Strengthen your ability to protect your employees, property and small business—create ties and maintain communication with organizations critical to your survival.

PrepareCT.com is a terrific resource for businesses as they develop emergency preparedness and business continuity strategies. Please visit PrepareCT.com for more information. 

Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety
In addition to providing a free business continuity tool kit, IBHS provides free disaster preparedness and property protection guidelines, recommendations and projects for small businesses. IBHS also offers post-disaster recommendations on repairing and rebuilding to make your building stronger and safer the next time disaster strikes. http://disastersafety.org 

American Red Cross
Among other disaster preparedness and response services, the Red Cross offers preparedness training programs and resources for workplaces, families and individuals. www.redcross.org

Business Civic Leadership Center-Disaster Help Desk
BCLC’s Disaster Help Desk enhances community economic recovery after a disaster with on-the-ground coordination of information among businesses, local chambers of commerce, NGOs, government responders and disaster recovery specialists. 

DisasterAssistance.gov provides information on getting help from the federal government before, during and after a disaster. If the President of the United States makes help available to individuals in your community after a disaster, visit this site to apply online. http://www.disasterassistance.gov

Federal and Local Emergency Management Agencies
Even the biggest, most widespread disasters require a local response, and local emergency management programs are the core of America’s emergency management system. http://www.fema.gov/regional-operations/state-officesand-agencies-emergency-management

Internal Revenue Service Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief for Businesses
The IRS offers audio presentations about planning for disaster, business continuity planning, insurance coverage, record keeping and other recommendations for staying in business after a major disaster.  http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Disaster-Assistance-and-Emergency-Relief-for-Individuals-and-Businesses-1

United States Small Business Administration
The U.S. Small Business Administration provides loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses following a disaster. http://www.sba.gov/

Small Business Development Centers
Have operations in other states? Contact CTSBDC’s sister organizations for assistance with financial, marketing, production, organization, engineering and technical problems, and feasibility studies.http://www.sba.gov/content/small-businessdevelopment-centers-sbdcs Check out SBDC’s national association to learn more. http://www.asbdc-us.org/

The Service Corps of Retired Executives, or SCORE, is also partnering with SBDC to assist local businesses in preparing for disasters or business disruptions to assure their ongoing continuity. The SCORE team is hosting a number of disaster planning workshops, and SCORE counselors can serve as a valuable resource for businesses as they plan. Middlesex County towns are located within the Southeastern Connecticut SCORE region. For more information, please visit www.sect.score.org.

All business should develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan

All Plans Should Include Strategies For:

Crisis Communication

Lockdown Situation

Shelter in Place


Computer Networks and Technology

Data Protection and Recovery

Cyber Security Protections

Duties and Responsibilities in the Event of an Emergency

Recovery Time Objectives

Alternate Site Plans

Succession Plans

Effective Outreach to Media

Effective Use of Social Media


Important State of Connecticut Contact Information:


Governor’s Office:




TEL: (860) 566-4840


Lieutenant Governor’s Office:


ROOM 304



TEL: (860) 524-7384

TOLL-FREE: (866) 712-6998


State of Connecticut

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

1111 Country Club Road

Middletown, Connecticut 06457


Division Locations:


Commission on Fire Prevention and Control/Connecticut Fire Academy

34 Perimeter Road

Windsor Locks, CT 06096-1069

Telephone: 860-627-6363


Emergency Management and Homeland Security

25 Sigourney Street

6th Floor

Hartford, CT 06106-5042

Telephone: 860-256-0800


Statewide Emergency Telecommunications

1111 Country Club Road

Middletown, CT 06457

Telephone: 860-685-8080


Police Officers Standards and Training Council

285 Preston Avenue

Meriden, CT 06450-4891

Telephone:  203-238-6505


Scientific Services

278 Colony Street

Meriden, CT 06451

Telephone: 203-639-6460


Connecticut State Police

1111 Country Club Road

Middletown, CT 06457

Telephone: 860-685-8190


Connecticut Emergency Alerting and Notification System

Email: [email protected]


Public Information Office


Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection-Public Information Office

The Public Information Office (PIO) gathers and disseminates timely and accurate information regarding law enforcement efforts to the public through various print and broadcast media in the state of Connecticut.

Through the media, the PIO staff brings information to the public. This information might include serious highway accidents, missing persons or help wanted from potential witnesses to crimes or accidents. Information is distributed to Connecticut citizens through new releases, press conferences and special events. The PIO office of the Connecticut State Police is committed to ensuring that the public is aware of our activities, our services and our presence.

Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm:
Phone: (860) 685-8230
Fax:  (860) 685-8301
E-mail:  DESPP PIO


After Hours, Weekends and Holidays: (860) 685-8190


Regional Offices- CT Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security


Regional Coordinators are the eyes and ears of CT Division of EMHS in the field. The teams located in five offices around the state assist in preparation of local emergency plans and are the primary interface with the local officials (Emergency Managers and Chief Elected Officials) of each of the 169 towns in Connecticut.


Region 2 - Middletown

Towns within Chamber Service Area: Durham, Middlefield, Chester, Westbrook, Essex, Deep River, Haddam


Region 2 Coordinator

John Field

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (860) 685-8105

Fax: (860) 685-8366


Region 2 Secretary

Natalie Simoneau

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (860) 685-8104

Fax: (860) 685-8366


Regional 2 Planner

Thomas Lenart

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (860) 685-8070

Fax: (860) 685-8366


Region 2 Significant Hazards/Areas of Concern: 

Winter Storm


Highway/Railway Accidents

Ice Jams

Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado

Fixed Site and In Transit Hazardous Materials Incidents, (Title III - SARA)

Hurricane/Tropical Storm


River/Coastal Flooding 


Region 3 - Hartford


Towns within Chamber Service Area: Cromwell, East Haddam, East Hampton, Middletown, Portland


DEMHS Region 3 Office

Governor William O'Neill State Armory

360 Broad Street

Hartford, CT 06105

Phone: 860-529-6893

Fax: (860) 257-4621


Region 3 Coordinator

Thomas Gavaghan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 860-529-6893


Region 3 Secretary

Natalie Simoneau

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (860) 529-6894

Region 3 Planner/Emergency Management Program Specialist

Mary Rose Duberek

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (860) 920-3349

Region 3 Significant Hazards/Areas of Concern

Winter Storm

Hurricane/Tropical Storm

Severe Thunderstorm


Ice Jams

Dam Failure

Fixed Site and In Transit Hazardous Materials Incidents, (Title III - SARA)

Flash Flood & River Flooding

Aircraft Accident (Private & Commercial)

Radiological Transportation Incident


Important Municipality Contact Information


City of Middletown

Department                                                               Phone                        Fax

Board of Education                                             (860) 638-1401        (860) 638-1495  

Building Division - Public Works                       (860) 638-4870        (860) 638-1970  

Central Communications                                    (860) 347-2541        (860) 343-8044  

City Hall Municipal Building                             (860) 638-4800        (860) 638-1901  

City Yard - Public Works                                   (860) 638-4560        (860) 343-3837   

Common Council                                                (860) 638-4980        (860) 638-1959   

Emergency Management                                    (860) 638-3270        (860) 343-5467  

Energy Management                                           (860) 638-4854        (860) 638-1950  

Engineering Division - Public Works                 (860) 638-4850        (860) 638-1950  

Fire Department                                                  (860) 638-3200        (860) 343-8049  

Health Department                                             (860) 638-4960        (860) 638-1960  

Maintenance                                                        (860) 638-4865        (860) 638-1950  

Mayor Dan Drew’s Office                                  (860) 638-4801        (860) 638-1901  

Office of the General Counsel                            (860) 638-4820        (860) 638-1920  

Parking Department                                            (860) 638-4920        (860) 638-1921  

Parks Division - Public Works                            (860) 638-4520        (860) 344-8097  

Planning, Conservation & Development            (860) 638-4840        (860) 638-1940  

Police Department                                              (860) 638-4000        (860) 343-8022  

Public Works                                                       (860) 638-4850        (860) 638-1950  

Russell Library                                                    (860) 347-2528        (860) 347-6690  

Sanitation Division - Public Works                     (860) 638-4851        (860) 638-1950  

Technology Services                                           (860) 638-4990        (860) 344-1928  

Town Clerk                                                         (860) 638-4910        (860) 638-1910  

Water & Sewer Department                               (860) 638-3500        (860) 343-8091  

Eversource (Formerly NU) Storm Center:

If you experience an outage, call anytime at 1-800-286-2000

(860-947-2000 in Hartford/Meriden


Town of Chester:

Chester Town Hall
203 Middlesex Avenue
Chester, CT 06412
Phone: (860) 526-0013 x 202

Fax: (860) 526-0004
Lauren Gister, First Selectwoman

Email: [email protected]


Town of Cromwell:

Town Hall
41 West Street

Cromwell, CT 06416

Phone: (860) 632-3410

Fax: (860) 632-3435

Anthony Salvatore, Town Manager

[email protected]


Town of Deep River:

Deep River Town Hall

174 Main Street

Deep River, CT 06417

Phone (860) 526-6020

Fax (860) 526-6023


Town of Durham:

Durham Town Hall

P.O. Box 428
30 Townhouse Road
Durham, CT 06422
Phone: (860) 349-3452

Fax: (860) 343-6733

Laura Francis, First Selectwoman

Email: [email protected]


Town of East Haddam:

Town Office Building
7 Main St. P.O. Box-K
East Haddam, CT 06423

Phone: (860) 873-5021
Mark B. Walter, First Selectman
[email protected]


Town of East Hampton:

Town Hall, 20 East High Street

East Hampton, CT 06424

Phone: (860) 267-0088

Fax: (860) 267- 1027

Michael Maniscalco, Town Manager

[email protected]

Phone: (860) 267-0088

Richard Klotzbier, Emergency Management

[email protected]


Town of Essex:

Essex Town Hall
29 West Avenue

Essex, CT 06426

Phone: (860) 767-4340 x 114

Fax: (860) 767-8509

Norman Needleman, First Selectman 

[email protected]


Town of Haddam:
30 Field Park Drive
Haddam, CT 06438

Phone: (860) 345-8531 x 204

Fax: (860) 345-3730

Lizz Milardo, First Selectwoman

[email protected]

Town of Middlefield:

393 Jackson Hill Rd/ 405 Main St.

P.O. Box 179

Middlefield, CT. 06455

Phone: (860) 349-7114

Edward P. Bailey, First Selectman

[email protected]


Town of Portland:

33 East Main Street

PO. Box 71

Portland, CT 06480-0071

Phone: (860) 342-6715
Susan Bransfield, First Selectwoman

[email protected]


Town of Westbrook:

866 Boston Post Road

Westbrook, CT 06498

Phone: (860) 399-3040 x 112

Noel Bishop, First Selectman

[email protected]

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