"I joined the chamber in September of 2015. From that moment on the chamber has been a constant source of education, assistance and fun for me. It has been an amazing experience getting to know everyone that is involved with this great organization. Having a business in Middletown and being a member makes you feel like you have an extended family. One of the best parts of being a member is socializing at the chamber's many member events. It is also wonderful to familiarize yourself with the many business owners in town. I always have someone to say hi to while walking down Main Street in Middletown now.  The biggest thing I can thank them for is giving me the connection to the most amazing client I could ask for. I was honestly ready to give up on my business, then a member of the chamber gave me the opportunity to speak in front of the CEO of a major biotech company. The company hired me in June and I have never been happier!" - Lauren Middleton, Owner at Forest City Marketing, LLC

"I had such a wonderful day at Connecticut Connections at the Radisson Hotel, so many wonderful events and people that I met. I’m am so glad I became a member of Middlesex Chamber, because there is so much that is offered. I look forward to future events!" - Charlie Deschenes, 568 Systems


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