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Juliet Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh & Co, LLC

"What the Chamber does for this area, the support it provides the businesses and the communities it represents, the charitable work…it is inspiring!  I am so very proud to be a member and I tell everyone I know they should join!  I think they should offer lifetime memberships😊"

Jenn Hayn, Julia Balfour, LLC

Being part of a company that is an active member of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce has allowed me the opportunity to be so much more connected to my community and to hear and learn from neighboring businesses and local leaders on a regular basis. This morning, East Haddam and Haddam members were lucky to open our monthly Division meeting to local candidates for office and hear their thoughts and stances on current issues as well as long term goals for the state of CT.

Marie Leavitt, Servpro- Middletown/ New Britain

"Absolutely recommend Middlesex Country Chamber of Commerce. We are a chamber made up of over 2300 companies, join get involved and change the way you do business. You get what you give, and with a group our size the opportunities are endless. I don’t work for the chamber, I’m a happy member and ambassador for over 7 years and I’m nothing but thrilled to be part of this amazing group."

Brendan Kelly, Director of Sales- Harding commercial Real Estate

I work for Harding Development Group, a company that has belonged to the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce since long before I came aboard. When I joined the company one of my top priorities was to become acquainted with the chamber, its staff and many members. I have found my membership and all of its benefits invaluable to not only my career but also my personal life. I have learned so much at the many classes and presentations that I have attended & have met so many great people that I have befriended and done business with. My wife and I got married not long ago and we actually found the perfect wedding venue through the chamber. What Larry McHugh and his staff are able to accomplish with our modest membership fees is nothing short of amazing and all of us at Harding Development Group are very grateful.

Pamela Steele - Owner of Pamela Roose Specialty Hand Knits & Chairwoman of the Central Business Bureau

"Membership in the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce is the best thing you can do for your business.  There are so many resources available to you as a member, not just the chamber itself, but also the connections you make with other chamber members.  The staff works very hard on behalf of the businesses and keeps local, state and federal government apprised of the business community's needs and challenges.  You can't go wrong connecting with a group of people who are dedicated to help you succeed in whatever way they can.  Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Tom Byrne, Owner of Connecticut Rental Center

"We at Connecticut Rental Center have been a member for about 50 years. It is well worth the investment. Great staff and very helpful in all aspects of business."

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